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About DGM/FIP/Brazil

About DGM/FIP/Brazil


The Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous People and Local Communities (DGM) is a initiative conceived as a special window under the Climate Investment Funds' (CIF) Forest Investment Program (FIP). Its main goal is to grant subsidies to improve the capacity of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (PICL). The program aims to strengthen the discussion about REDD+ in local, national and global levels and is present in eight countries: Brazil, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Laos, Mexico and Peru.


The DGM FIP Brazil project is part of DGM Global program and  is a fund to support Indigenous Peoples, Quilombolas and Local Communities of Brazilian Cerrado.  This fund, which will last for five years, will support projects that avoid Cerrado deforestation and degradation, promoting the protection and conservation of natural resources (particularly forest) and social inclusion. Through these projects, they will also promote actions for adapting to climate change.


National Executing Agency


Centro de Agricultura Alternativa do Norte de Minas (CAA/NM) was selected as National Executing Agency of DGM/FIP/Brazil after a selection process performed by National Steering Comittee and supported by the World Bank. CAA/NM is an organization of family farms and local communities of the North of Minas Gerais brazilian state, and its composition is made in majority by representatives of traditional Cerrado people. The organization develops its actions according to sustainability, agroecology and the rights of traditional peoples, focusing on (agro) biodiversity and coexistence with regional ecosystems.

CAA/NM role in DGM Brazil is to work as a fund manager, supporting the National Steering Comittee in the selection of proposals, empowering and making the implementation and financial management.